2020: In Retrospect

Prior to the year 2020, Many of us had dreams, aspirations, and plans towards achieving our goals including myself but plans and goals can change in the long run.

The year came with many surprises as the emergence of coronavirus took the world to a standstill which causes fear and grief but in spite of that,2020 for me was a good year nonetheless.

The highlight of the year

It kick-started during the lockdown period in March where drastic decisions had to be made on which specialization I am to pursue and become relevant in the industry I…


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to tag along with a colleague for a business event with his vehicle. The event is to commence at 12noon prompt and on our way, the vehicle suddenly stopped in an unfamiliar area and we could not get anyone to repair the vehicle after waiting for more than an hour, we had left the vehicle and book a cab to get to our destination as we are extremely late for the event.

Understanding the Objective

A vehicle is bound to get faulty without showing signs. Someone can be going for business…

Foodhub Restaurant Landing page: Defining the Process to achieving it

This is my First Design with Wejapa Product design and truly I was given the task of designing a Restaurant landing page for a friends business.

To my knowledge, I don’t have any idea on designing a landing page for a restaurant so I had to look out or do research for inspirations via Dribbble,behance and also with Pinterest.

During my research, I discovered what and how a landing page entails then I had to progress to design a framework or a wireframe of how my design will eventually unfold.

Rudiments of Design and its Importance.

The Fundamentals or Essential of design is a compass to navigate on how best you can accomplish or ascertain user friendly and appealing design work to clients and organization.

A Design that doesn’t follow the said principles is like a house that does not have a Foundation which can laid upon.

The Principles of design are enlisted below to have crystal clear understanding of the subject matter.


My Design Journey

The Journey of a thousand-mile starts with a step and each step has hurdles and processes to attain or to reach your goal.

Design is not just all about aesthetics but about Solving a problem.

Designs are aimed at solving real-life problems in the various sectors of Industry where critical thinking and other soft skills are put in place to become exceptional in an organization or a nation.

Earlier this year, I was having conflicting issues on the career path especially on “What” or “How” to choose but I had to seek advice from some associate and colleagues which propelled me on deciding on taking Product design which has been a continuous process thus far.

We Japa Internship is a platform for me to continually learn more and hone my skills in product design and also taking a career path on becoming an Exceptional Product designer.

Benjamin Osagie

I am a Global Citizen,a Kingdom pillar and a Shining Star.

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